Legacy of Love

Esther Olufunmilayo

We are dedicated to honouring the remarkable legacy of Esther Olufunmilayo. Her unwavering love for God and her children served as a guiding light that touched countless lives. Through our work, we strive to showcase the profound impact she had on others and the indomitable spirit with which she pursued her goals. 

Despite being blessed, she was humble and helpful to all who had an encounter with her. In the last stage before her passing, she fought the illness so hard, but God loved her more. We carry forward her legacy, inspired by her resilience and determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others, just as she did.

1 Year Remembrance

27th July 2023

Thank you again for your support to all those who gathered in loving memory of our dear mother, Esther Olufunmilayo. This special event, organised by her devoted children and grandchildren, is a heartfelt tribute to celebrate the life and legacy of a truly remarkable woman. 

The service was very moving for all those who attended and watched onine, as they witness donation to her church (Iperu Methodist), grand opening of ESTHER OLUFUNMILAYO HALL and launch of her new biography book, A TRAILBLAZER'S LEGACY which can be purchased below.

It was a grand event, exactly what we expected as a meaningful tribute to our mother. See the photos sections for images and videos from the events.

Vision, Mission & Values

Credible Non-profit Memorial Charity

The Esther Olufunmilayo Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Lagos that was born out of a mother's love for her family, the community, and humanity in general. Our mother, Esther Olufunmilayo, was a strong believer in the power of ...

Honor her Legacy of changing Lives

The Esther Olufunmilayo Memorial Foundation was founded to honour the memory of our namesake, Esther Olufunmilayo, by continuing her legacy of making a positive impact in the lives of all those she touched. The main goal of the Foundation is to ensure ...

Programs & Projects

Community, Healthcare & Education Program

Community, Healthcare & Education Program

Community Programs

We donate relief materials as intervention programs to impoverished communities. Our …
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Fighting for Better Healthcare in Nigeria

Our mission is to provide robust and comprehensive healthcare services to all …
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Scholarship Management Program

The Foundation plan to identify indigent but intelligent children and youths, orphans …
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