Vision, Mission & Values

Credible Non-profit Memorial Charity

The Esther Olufunmilayo Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Lagos that was born out of a mother's love for her family, the community, and humanity in general. Our mother, Esther Olufunmilayo, was a strong believer in the power of education, equal opportunity, and love for God and her children. Esther Olufunmilayo's legacy is one of humility and helpfulness; she was always ready to serve those she encountered. In the last phase of her life, Esther fought the illness with all her strength until her passing. Esther did not lose sight of her goals and dreams. She left an imprint not only on her own family but also on the thousands of lives she impacted.
Esther's foundation is an attempt to honour her life and cultural heritage and to continue her work of providing equal opportunities for all in Nigeria. The Esther Olufunmilayo Memorial Hospital will focus on cancer research and effective treatments and will also provide support for the less fortunate through educational grants. In addition, the foundation will engage in the work of God through various churches.
Esther Olufunmilayo Memorial Foundation is all about fulfilling Esther's legacy and continuing her work of creating a better health care system for all and building a state-of-the-art medical hospital. The future Esther Olufunmiloayo Memorial Hospital will provide effective treatments and focus on neurological illnesses.
We invite everyone to support us and to experience the love of one amazing woman and the transformative power of her legacy. To learn more about Esther's story, we invite you to get in touch with us through our contact form. Let's honour Esthar's legacy and continue her work together.